Wondering if my dog has cushings… My 7 year Australian terrier was diagnosed with pancreatitiis…

Wondering if my dog has cushings… My 7 year Australian terrier was diagnosed with pancreatitiis 2 years ago. She had IV and PO Antibiotics and her condition greatly improved. My 10 year old terrier just died from acute cushings disease and diabetes and kidney infection. I was worried about my Australian terrier so I had her blood tested on Oct 4. Most of her bloodwork came back normal. Her Magnesium was 2.7 (high) cholesterol was 401 (high)triglycerides were 872 high),alp was 742 (high). She had 20-30 WBC in her urine. Everything else was normal. She’s had a problem with skin allergies and infection from biting the skin. She was given a kenalog shot mid August.

1. Does it sound like she has Cushings to you?
2. Do you think the kenalog was responsible for these abnormal labs. She’s drinking and wetting normal amounts. No increased appetite. She’s asymptomatic. She needs to lose some weight d/t lack of excercise which I am starting to change. When I first got her, I had a good paying job and I could afford my 2 dogs. Now I’ve had to retire and money is very tight. I don’t know what to do. I know I don’t want to lose another dog. I really love her. What do you suggest?

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Krista Magnifico
5 years ago

Hello, My deepest sympathies on the loss of your pup. I know how devastating it can be to loose a beloved pet. I am sorry but I cannot offer an opinion on this as I don’t know your dog and cushings requires an exam, correlation of clinical signs and additional testing. I do however feel that you paid for bloodwork and you deserve a thorough explanation and interpretation of this from your vet. I also think that explaining your fears and concerns and even budget is important. We are all vets to help our clients and patients and we are… Read more »