I was wondering if you could suggest some ways to discourage jealosy, and encourage co-exsisting…


I was wondering if you could suggest some ways to discourage jealosy, and encourage co-exsisting between 2 female, spayed, approx. 4 year old Golden Retrievers? We rescued one dog on July 14th, and the second on October 12th. Penny, our first Golden, has adjusted beautifully in our home and with our family. Since we’ve brought Rosie home, Penny’s disposition has changed and she’s taken to snapping at Rosie, following her around everywhere, and trying to beat Rosie in and out of rooms, to greet us, get on the sofa, etc. Rosie just seems happy to be in a home and have a family, however, she will bare her teeth and growl on occasion as well. We live in a townhouse with a fenced yard and take the dogs on 1 to 2 walks per day. We’ve done all the logical things (I think). I am wondering if you could give us some pointers on how to encourage the girls at least getting along, and being able to trust them in a room alone together. Also, how long do these kinds of adjustments usually take?

Thank you so much,

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Eleanor Wood
7 years ago

Hi, Well done on adopting! I can thoroughly recommend the Adaptil/DAP collars or diffusers in the first instance to help them settle in. Otherwise, choose who is going to be top dog, Penny by the sounds of it, and ensure that she gets fed first, greeted first, fussed first. It sounds as though Penny is trying to establish her position above Rosie, but if you seem to place Rosie above her, she’ll work harder at putting Rosie down.However, still let Penny know that any kind of aggression is not tolerated, best done by a timeout. Put both dogs out though… Read more »