We have a 17 1/2 year old male Shi-Poo who is blind and deaf. Lately…

We have a 17 1/2 year old male Shi-Poo who is blind and deaf. Lately he has not been eating much, barks in the middle of the night, sometimes 4 to 5 times for no reason we can figure out. We have placed him in front of his water or food bowl, which is 4 feet away from where he sleeps in our bedroom, but that doesn’t settle him down. As of the last 3 days he has had mucussy, bloody diarrhea, 3 or 4 times a day, no solid poops. Does this mean the end is near?

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5 years ago

first of all: 17 is an IMPRESSIVE age.  seriously.  well done at keeping him alive and healthy until his golden years!

secondly, i’m sorry he’s doing poorly, and it sounds like you’re preparing yourselves for the end.

i’ve always read you should make a list of your dog’s five favorite things…when he stops enjoying 2-3 of those things, start seriously weighing his quality of life vs. his quantity of life.  you know your dog best, and if he isn’t happy, then maybe it’s time to let him go.

Catherine Pepe
5 years ago

I am so sorry :0( they are such a special part of our lives