I previously asked about our 11 yr old cats bathroom habits after the passing of…

I previously asked about our 11 yr old cats bathroom habits after the passing of our dog (his best friend) and bringing a new puppy into our home. Good news is he is back to normal after removing his collar which allowed him to walk around a bit more inconspicuously without his bell calling the attention of the puppy at every step. I also applied Lavender (Essential Oil) to his ears and he calmed himself down and started walking around the house more thus using his litter box in the basement. Anyways now that he is wandering around the house he is getting more attention from the puppy, who loves him. His feelings don’t seem to be mutual however just like a cat he struts his stuff around anyway just to get her attention then complains when he gets the attention. The puppy jumps on him and licks him all over. He smacks her around a little growls and eventually bites her. He doesn’t always run away to a safe place (other side of the baby gate or through his cat door) so he can’t be too miserable right? We try to correct the puppy as much as possible but sometimes she jumps on him before we realized he was even in the room. She doesn’t seem to be hurt from his bites so far they only seem to be warning ones even though he looks like he’s attacking her. Sometimes she whimpers but she always goes back for more. Just curious what our best plan should be? Safely let them work it out themselves like you would children or …? We have even tried feeding them side by side but thats a huge mess. They each want what the other has. Thank you!

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