My cat WeeMan is 16yrs old and has been constipated for a few days now…

My cat WeeMan is 16yrs old and has been constipated for a few days now. I usually give him Miramax with his wet food. I think I missed giving it to him? And before this he lost weight. His regular weight is 19-ish lbs. I wanted to know if there are any type of suppositories that I can get at the store to help him? The picture on left side was his regular weight. Right picture is him now!

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Krista Magnifico
3 years ago

Unless someone has examined the cat and palpated the abdomen (or taken an X-ray) I do not provide advice for this. Also these cats get constipated foe a reason this needs to be discussed. Providing the wrong advice or treatment can be detrimental. Please see your vet. After it is confirmed you should ask about at home fluid therapy and medications like lactulose or cat lax. I also advise a diet change to canned food. Also exercise and pain meds might be helpful.

3 years ago

Good morning,
Just to add to the other responses, there are many times when pet owners have thought their pet was constipated, when in fact they actually weren’t. This is something the should be taken care of as soon as possible. I would get your cat to the vet right away,if you haven’t already. Best of luck.

3 years ago

I would get him to the vet for a once-over before giving him any sort of medication.