got a 6 week old puppy last sunday from the spca….she had diarrhea the day…

got a 6 week old puppy last sunday from the spca….she had diarrhea the day we got home but asssumed it was from adjustments….conitued for two days…fasted her for 12 hours and cooked chicken and rice mixture and fed her….she got fine….switched back to regular dog food and diarrhea again…..fasted again and cooked ground beef and rice yesterday….was fine all day so gave her a milkbone last night….awoke this morning to find her and her kennel covered in diarrhea once again…I live in an area where I am not near a vet as I live on an island so I depend on a ferry.,,,,any advice?

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Eleanor Wood
7 years ago

First of all, if her diarrhoea clears up on chicken and rice, keep her on that and plain water for at least a week, no treats, until her guts are well settled. Then re-introduce puppy food very gradually over at least 4days, mixing it with the chicken and rice. Make sure she is wormed with something safe and reliable, e.g. panacur or drontal. If the diarrhoea continues after this she may need a trip to the vets for antibiotics. Good luck!
Eleanor (vet)

Eleanor Wood
7 years ago

Ok, provided she’s wormed up to date, now is the time to go see a vet. Get a sample of the diarrhoea daily for three days and take that with you (as some problems like giardia don’t show in every motion). At this stage you really need a physical exam, even if it means a ferry trip! If you don’t feed her for 6 hours before and get a urine sample the day you go as well that may help, as I can understand you won’t want to make repeat trips if possible, and that should mean the vet can… Read more »