Last week my 5 year old boxer, Regie had some growths removed at Jarrettsville Vet…

Last week my 5 year old boxer, Regie had some growths removed at Jarrettsville Vet. We got some terrifying news on Friday, one of the eight growths came back showing mast cells. It was located on his butt. The biopsy report says:
"In one sample, the dermis contains a densely cellular mass of neoplastic mast cells, amixed with mature eosinophils. . . . There is moderate anisocytosis and anisokaryosis, and scattered binucleated cells. No mitoses are observed in ten hpf. Lymphatic or vascular invasion is not observed. The lesion appears excised in the examined sections with lateral borders of 2-4 mm and a deep border of 2-3 mm. . . . Mast cell tumor, grade II."
I have done my own investigating trying to understand the best course of action along with what the Vet told us. We were told that we could start Kinavet CA1 ASAP to stop the invasion. The issue we have with this option is it costs almost $400 per month for the rest of his life, we would have a very hard time affording that after already paying so much for his surgery (thats a car payment).
I have read some journal articals about mast cell tumors and everything says removing is the best treatment as long as 3 cm borders can be reached. As the report says the borders were 2-3 mm, do we opt for going back in and having larger margins? I want to do what is best for my baby.
Some other questions I have are; If we did use Kinavet for six months and then stopped treatment would it still prevent the mast cells from growing or would it come back with a vengeance? Is there a more affordable, effective treatment to concider? Is drawing lymph fluid out to test ideal or even feasible? Why was his tumor not staged? Can it be staged still? How agressive is the tumor according to the lab report? Would seeing an oncologist be helpful? Do you reccomend anyone? Is the homeopathic method recomended? Is sitting back and checking him over once a week enough to monitor him (this makes me nervous)?
Thank you for your advice and attention, we value your opinion.

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Krista Magnifico
7 years ago

Hello and Thanks for your question, This is a very good question with many very valid concerns. I have to admit up front that Mast Cell tumors are one of the most commonly seen types of skin tumors. The best way to help guide you in understanding which option is the best moving forward is to go see a veterinary oncologist. They will have the most up to date statistics for any and all treatment options and also help you understand long term prognosis and cost. When my dog Ambrose had cancer and I felt as confused as you do… Read more »