Im tired and need a push. Need to transfer that push to fluffy who is…

Im tired and need a push. Need to transfer that push to fluffy who is of-course 10 times more tired than i am..

Is physically visiting your pet daily at the vet beneficial for the pet? After a very severe injury I did feel my cat likes visits and specifically my smell but today i don’t know anymore… She’s tired after the weekend. i really do think she was left unattended over the weekend (2 days). Actually I KNOW she was but cant say anything.

She is not eating, nothing, 0, but food is going through a feeding tube which is also infected.

She should be home before the weekend. I did kind of insist on that after getting the very strong feeling that she was neglected over the last weekend. (also not sure i did the right thing by insisting but at this point just following my heart). I don’t want to keep putting blame becuase the resources they have are not unlimited. And i keep reminding myslef just what krista said ‘we are on the same team’.

As for pain she isn’t in pain, that much i know. I was ready to put her down due to pain but the vet said that we can take a chance and that’s what im doing.

Tomorrow i’m taking a basket of chocolates and a thank you card and some fresh donuts. This will give an extra push for the staff.

But what about fluffy? Is visiting helping her morally?

Also when i bring her home she will surely need follow up, is it best to stay with the same doctor as he knows all the details of her case or do i find someone im more at ease with?

Maybe its best to stay with the initial doctor in severe cases? I would’ve liked someone with more compassion but in the end i do feel that he knows what he’s doing. Whether with love or not is a different thing, but in terms of scientifically or doctor wise yes i do feel he knows what he’s doing.

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Jana Rade
5 years ago

I had a big dilemma with this when Jasmine was an the icu for a week. I kept wondering whether that would just disrupt things with her thinking she might finally be going home, while she might have gotten adjusted to the hospital at is were. At the end of the day, visiting proved to be actually very helpful for her. As for follow up, I think it depends on what was wrong, which veterinarian you trust more and how well equipped your family vet is to do the follow up properly. In our case, we chose the family vet,… Read more »

Jana Rade
5 years ago

IT IS very important that the vet makes time to sit with you a talk about the situation and your concerns. This is an integral part of their job. Cannot skimp on that. One of the reasons we kept our family vet in charge the whole way was that the vets at the fancy hospital weren’t hearing us. Anything we said was not heard, our questions and concerns weren’t addressed. It was very frustrating. They were very good at the craft but not listening to medical history and making up their mind about things without that is counter-productive at the… Read more »