Updates on my cat who fell from the 5th floor: I just got back from…

Updates on my cat who fell from the 5th floor: I just got back from seeing her.

My main question is whether to go visit over next few days or not? And if so daily? The vet was clear today he doesnt want that. But i went according to Krista’s advice.

We are not allowed into where the animals are so they bring them out so it isnt easy on her body i guess to move. (I did try to go where the animals are but it simply didnt work).

Here are the updates.

Her lungs that were filled with blood are now better.

The vet also said she is strong and he has high hopes however he cant be sure she will live or die until she eats something (liquid as her jaw is broken) and it passes through her digestive system and comes out. Once she does number 1 and 2 he will be assured that her survival rate is higher.

We also debated on the point of if i should see her daily, and please any feedback here is necessary as i want to do whats better for fluffy. There are two thoughts on this:
1) kittys morals go higher when seeing the owner.
2) kittys morals might go down after owner leave so best not to visit.

The vet is with the 2nd, he preffers only phone updates. What do you think? My heart tells me i should visit. Maybe even take along some liquid foods to try and feed her, basically be active in this heeling process. Again, this was Kristas advice too and it made alot of sense to me.

Also maybe being there physically an hour a day will keep the caretakers active.

I dont know.. I just wish she gets out of the danger zone.

What do you think? I want what’s best for her overall care.

Bless you for your time.

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