Hi again guys! Thanks for all of your help im happy I have people out…

Hi again guys! Thanks for all of your help im happy I have people out there who can give me more opinions.. I went to the vet on Saturday morning with Angel regarding the lump on her paw. This was a new vet (not the usual one) and I decided to try him out because it was much closer for us to get to. First of all .. he checked it out and kind of had a weird look on his face. He checked her paw three times. She was pulling away while he checked it out so either it was causing her pain .. or its simply because he put a muzzle on the poor girl. His conclusion is: step one then make our way to the last step. Step one: medication, step two (next visit $$) poke a needle into the lump and send it for testing but says that it is not always conslusive.. (last visit$$$) chop off her finger with the lump on it. My boyfriend freaked out when he heard that and told me to switch doctors that he refuses to cut her finger off. The doctor took some photos of the lump to compare for next week. The vet pulled out his text book and we both agreed it looked like a the photo next to histiocytoma. We are trying the medication this week and praying to God she is okay. She started to lick it a lot and its driving me nuts. I put a sock on her paw and she removes it or ends up licking the sock to the point its soaking wet.. these are the medications Angel is on. apo-cephalexin 500 mg 2 tablets twice daily, & teva-meloxicam 7.5 mg 1 full tablet

Please give me your input on this and what you think I should do and whats best for Angel.. I want my puppy to be happy and healthy 🙁 I couldn’t even watch the examine I had to turn around because I almost started to cry.

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Dawn Ferara, DVM
5 years ago

You can always go for a 2nd opinion but as far as your vet, given what the mass looks like in person I would have treated it the same way! X-rays would be a good idea just to see if it involves bone but aside from that it sounds like an acceptable treatment plan.

Dawn Ferara, DVM
5 years ago

Sounds like it may need to be biopsies (stick needle in it and send to lab), however, she may benefit from an elizabethen collar to limit her ability to be able to lick the area.  I’m not sure by your description that a collar would stop her but it may.

Good luck!