My vet recommended revolution for fleas. I only saw three fleas so far. I don’t…

My vet recommended revolution for fleas. I only saw three fleas so far. I don’t like flea meds on my dog. Is revolution a pesticide? Is it safe? Dog is 75 pounds and healthy.

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PK Dennis
5 years ago

I agree with Krista, I really like Revolution.  I don’t use it because of fleas – I haven’t had a flea problem since I began feeding a raw diet to my dogs 18 years ago.  I use Revolution for heartworm protection and to prevent mange (Scabies).  There are 5 fox dens on the 100 acres where I run my terriers and after 2 bouts of mange (yes, my dogs gave me the mites two Januaries in a row!  On a scale of 1 to 10 for itch, scabies rates a 20 in my book!) I follow my vet’s recommendation for… Read more »

PK Dennis
5 years ago

So, since you haven’t had problems in the past, and are feeding raw — maybe all you need is to give her a bath (rinse the fleas down the drain), wash all the fabrics where she spends time in hot soapy water, and mop the other surfaces with a peppermint based soap (I like Dr. Bonners Pure Liquid Castile Soap with Peppermint oil).  I use Dr. Bonners on the dogs, myself and on all hard surfaces. This is what I do if my boys come home from a visit to Granny’s (Granny refuses to feed her dog a raw diet… Read more »

PK Dennis
5 years ago

Excellent! And do you know that you can use the food grade diatomaceous earth to control internal worms too? For your dog a tablespoon stirred into a meal (add a little water to make sure no powder will be inhaled) few meals in a row (I usually feed it in 3 meals once per quarter). Great stuff for humans, and dogs.
Perhaps Christina Chambreau (holistic vet on this forum) will correct me if she has a better dosage?

Skye Bellantoni
5 years ago

My answer can only be related towards cats. If dogs differ in anyway I am not sure. Anyway, I went through a huge flea issue back in 2011 and I tried a couple brands. I don’t want to name them but some irritated them, worked rather slow and the scent was strong. As for the revolution it can be slightly more expensive but to me its well worth it. Ever since I started using revolution I have had no issues with fleas at all on my felines or in the home. They have had no irritation either and that was… Read more »