please dont tell me to take him to the vet I already did twice and…

please dont tell me to take him to the vet I already did twice and made many calls as well, they keep telling me either nothing is wrong or hes too small for medicine so they cant help even if there is something wrong with him. this is so frustrating cause this has happened twice, be becomes like this and then gets better and plays and eats then the next day goes through the same thing, doesnt move, seeks a corner and hides his face there with his eyes wide open and pupils dilated, looks exactly like a kitten that is dying, but his body temperature is fine ( and the vet checked it as well), his gum color is fine too (pink as should be) he purrs even if in that condition, he seems fine one day and i get all happy that hes okay, then the next day becomes like this and I get so devastated and sad that hes going to die or something

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Kelly Furgason
5 years ago

Hi Silva,

Did your vet check your kittens blood glucose level? What you are describing sounds like it could be that.

Is your kitten eating often? Drinking? Did your vet do a blood check for FELV/FIV?  No pet is too small for medicine or help and it sounds like something is def not ok with him.

Do you have another vet you can try? Purring doesn’t always mean a kitten or cat is happy and ok,,they also purr when they are in distress or sick.

I’d recommend a new vet or asking about blood glucose levels.

Good luck!


Lauren-Emma de Lancey
5 years ago

I think that the vets is your best option 🙂