I have a dashound/peke mix. I took my dog to get his shots and…

I have a dashound/peke mix. I took my dog to get his shots and to get groomed: bath and toe nails cut and hair trimmed around nails and the hair around the tail and back legs to be trimmed. This vet cut my dog’s long top coat off his back and ears, literally remove all length hairs that was below the ear skin and somehow used a burning instrument or something that removed all the hair from around the tail and hind legs and his male organ. To see him at that angle is like an open window and left a burned mark on the fold of his left and right back legs. My dog is of mature age. I have never in his life had his hair cut other than the trim around his nails. This occured last August, I am not seeing much growth, he always had long wavy hair on his ears and now he has a totally different long. Will his hair ever grow back. Help please.

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Margrit Simons
5 years ago

I don’t know of any Vet who grooms dogs! (by the way the spelling is”Dachshund “!)

julie brader
5 years ago

Sorry I don’t understand your question either…all I can gather is you took your dog to the Vet for nails to be cut and a tidy up? 

A vet nurse or groomer would have done this not a Vet. They would have used electric clippers to take your dogs hair off.

Are you saying they have cut the hair too short and you want to know if it will grow back?