ello. I have a chihuahua puppy. She is 7 months now. When I bought her…

ello. I have a chihuahua puppy. She is 7 months now. When I bought her, after one week she was diagnosed with Parvovirosis. She was 5 days in hospital. She is good now. So for 4 month she is healthy. My sister got her puppy also from same litter but she wasn’t sick. Now my sister wants to come to my city and bring her dog to my apartment. She is also 7 months old and she have 4 vaccinations done. Last 7 weeks ago I cleaned my apartment many times with normal disinfection and I can’t find bleach that doesn’t stink in my country so I can’t do with bleach. Is it safe for her puppy? There is basically no another choice so she have to come here. I just want some advice.

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Crystal Reed
5 years ago

When I first got my German Shepherd dog she was 7 weeks old, I had brought her home along with her brother that my roommate wanted and we vaccinated both of them only for them to catch Parvo the very next day. We couldn’t afford the vet at the time as we had just moved into our new place so we did home remedies (I don’t recommend unless you are experienced) I couldn’t do both by myself and told my roommate that him and his live in girlfriend would have to help with their puppy because I had to spend… Read more »