Do histiocytoma usually get larger if bumped or licked by dog. Had ours reduced by…

Do histiocytoma usually get larger if bumped or licked by dog. Had ours reduced by 50 percent and he played too rough and now we are back at square one. How do we keep an 18 month old boxer from playing and busting this thing all over. He requires a ton of exercise but even walks have been hard because it’s on his left hind paw pad on the upper side. Any suggestions. We play in the house almost all the time but I am exhausted. There is no way we can keep a boxer puppy quiet for 2 to 3 months. When he accidentally hits it, he will limp then want to lick because either it starts itching or has started to bleed. We have been spraying gentamicin on it twice a day per our vets advice due to location and constant exposure to ground and it looked a bit infected. It helped reduce it down to the size of the tip of my finger but now it is the size of a nickel. It was confirmed by needle biopsy to be histiocytoma but is this normal? He is also on famotidine for bilious vomiting occasionally and she said it may help with this also. He takes amitriptyline for severe anxiety so is benedryl safe and possibly effective in controlling the itching and release of histamine when he bumps it?

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3 years ago

Good morning. I’m sorry- this is tricky. I would make a phone call to the vet (they know your pet best) and check to see if there is anything else to be done. If you have a crate, that would be helpful. Sticking to a routine, where he knows when playtime and walks are, will help in keeping him calm the rest of the day…. although establishing the routine will take a bit of time. I can imagine walks are proving tricky because of the histiocytoma. Is it possible to wrap it? I do not know if that would help….… Read more »