This upcoming summer it we would have a dog for 7 years. When we got…

This upcoming summer it we would have a dog for 7 years. When we got him 6 and a half years ago I firstly didnt know if I would like pets. But very soon my dog and I would have a very strong bond. In fact I happened to be one of the people in my family who cared for him the most. But sadly last sunday we had to make a very extremely difficult decision. We had to move him to a different family because all of us were working more and he was alone so much. I have a really, really hard time dealing with this. And I feel so extremely guilty as if I didnt give him enough attention anymore. Its just really hard to deal with it. So thats why i have a couple of questions. Do you think a dog will always remember previous owners and will he always love them ? What kind of advice would you have for me ?

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carrie Urquhart
3 years ago

I think dogs remember previous owners, but also can do well adjusting to a new environment. I had to rehome my dog once because of aggression issues, ended up giving her to a relative. She adjusted well and was always happy to see me.

3 years ago

Hello- I’m so sorry you had to rehome your dog. Knowing that you’ve done what is best for him probably doesn’t make his absence easier to deal with, but if he is with a loving family who has the time to devote to him, you’ve done a very good thing.