Hi, I have a a nearly five springer spaniel who barks a lot. Now I…

Hi, I have a a nearly five springer spaniel who barks a lot. Now I mean a lot. Sometimes he barks when he wants his ball thrown or if something comes through the letterbox. He has different reasons and causes for barking, usually its excitement or attention. As you can image it’s very annoying and can’t keep going on. He can be quite dominant over is ball to other dogs and so will sometimes growl aggressively at them or bark aggressively at them. I just keep fearing the worst and I don’t know what to do. I don’t really think hiring a behaviourist is an option however we did find classes to take him to but were put off when it said that it’s not good for dogs that don’t get along with other dogs.
(The class was for nuisance barking)
He has always preferred human company but not always been as aggressive and noisy. He gets 3-4 half an hour walks a day and usually on those walks he has a ball thrown, a stick thrown or swims in the river. He is a great dog but he can’t keep barking all the time or acting aggressively.
Any advice I will be grateful for. I recently received great advice from a girl on here and I’m now going to try and expand a basic hide a treat or ball game. I’m going to do this by hiding the object harder and in a bigger space (the garden for example). This is a mind challenging game and it could help stop his barking. It seems that my dogs barking could be down to boredom so any other mind challenging game suggestions ? I’d be very grateful,
Thanks 🙂

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