Hello again, :)
This isn’t actually a question more of an update to let you know…

Hello again, 🙂
This isn’t actually a question more of an update to let you know how today go on. We played hide the treats (I used dried food) in the kitchen for about five minutes. Then we played hide the ball in the kitchen four times (he kept finding it really quickly, it went on for about ten minutes)
Then we moved to the garden and I hid a ball for him but he went and got his small rugby ball toy and so I hid that to. It was very fun and he was running about and wagging his tail, he seemed very happy, 🙂 Sometimes when he his fed up of playing he will bark and I have had the past experience dealing with it playing this game but I got none today. I’d definitely say he enjoyed it and I need to play it more with him 🙂 Only downside his he finds it so quickly (three minutes at the most if it’s hidden hard) so it doesn’t last that long 🙁 Still he had fun playing in the garden and so did I. We ended it by playing fetch with his two toys.

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5 years ago

I am THRILLED to hear that! Get him used to the game, then make it harder. 😀

Micha Michlewicz
5 years ago

Try dragging the toy on the ground to leave a scent trail and point it out to him and encourage him to sniff it, now try hiding it in more difficult places. Then you can teach him in the same way to find other things, and then reward this too. Now he can find things for you. 🙂