my unaltered 1 1/2 yo female gray tabby cat, Pebbles Leanna, has been…

my unaltered 1 1/2 yo female gray tabby cat, Pebbles Leanna, has been in constant estrus since Christmas eve of 2018…she is usually in heat 7-10 days. this is the first time she’s been in heat this long. no other physiological or heath problems. she eats, defecates and urinates appropriately. she is the only unaltered cat of 5- one female and 3 males. days are ok but her night time yowling is so loud, my next door neighbors (I live in a single dwelling house) tell me THEY can hear her at night singing the songs of her people. no other problems noted. PLEASE advise!..

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Krista Magnifico
3 years ago

Please get her to the vet ASAP. I would be worried about a pyometra. She needs to be spayed. ASAP. That’s my best honest advice. If money is an issue call for help to find a low cost spay clinic. Lots of places have them.

3 years ago

Defenitly spay hear. If she is in constant estrus, pyometra can be an issue, like Krista said. That can lead to death in extreme causes. Alstough estrus is extremly stressful for cats too.
Please get her spayed ASAP!

3 years ago

Hi there- I think a trip to the vet might be in order. I do have to ask, are you planning on kittens? I would recommend to spay her if you aren’t hoping for kittens anytime. As far as her heat cycle changing and her behavior effecting everyone, again I would suggest the vet. Best of luck.