She was not growling,p or curling her lips, but she was also not wagging her…

She was not growling,p or curling her lips, but she was also not wagging her tail. I don’t think she was really biting because she didn’t clamp down. She’s very strong. She is about one year old. I have had her for two weeks. She is normally very loving and affectionate towards me. She also has separation anxiety when I am gone at work. She has multiple accidents in the house when I am gone, even if for a short time (20-30 minutes). She barks and bites the baby gates trying to escape from being confined to the kitchen and dining room.

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Kristy Hall
5 years ago

Thanks! I actually did try crating her but it became unsafe. She was biting the asides of the crate and pulling so hard that I was sure she was either going to pull a tooth out or make the crate collapse on herself. I’ve been giving her LOTS of praise when she goes to the bathroom outside.

Linda Bradley
5 years ago

Pete has excellent advice.  You say you are confining her to 2 rooms while you are away, she has separation anxiety and she has multiple accidents, even when you are gone a short time.  It sounds as if she has too large a space to stay in when alone and that could contribute to her anxiety. Biting the baby gates is a concern as well.  She is a good-sized dog, could damage either wood or plastic and cut her mouth.  Is she accustomed to a crate at all?  Crate training should help with house training.  Make the crate a good… Read more »

Linda Bradley
5 years ago

Kristy:  I wonder if she may have had a bad experience with a crate.  Do you know her background at all?  The link Pete sent on “play aggression” goes to the ASPCA site.  They have good articles on both crate training and separation anxiety.  Try taking the door off of the crate, see if you can coax her in with a treat with the goal that she stay in the crate and be calm for a very short time as you stay with her.  I hope you have access to a professional trainer in your area who can guide you… Read more »

Kelly Furgason
5 years ago

Love all the advice given, just to add a little bit…highly advise help from a trainer to stop the biting/barking at the baby gate. I work in a kennel, and often some dogs will intensely sniff an area, then all of a sudden become super energetic and run like crazy/bounce around ..almost like how a cat would get crazy on catnip. It’s almost like something they sniffed just got them very very very excited. That’s what your description reminded me of . I also wouldn’t allow her to put your hands/wrists into her mouth in play as it would encourage… Read more »

Pete Wedderburn
5 years ago

This is a really complex behavioural situation that deserves a detailed consultation and analysis rather than just a quick answer. She’s a lovely dog with heaps of energy, and she needs to burn that energy up in a safe, friendly way. That means giving her a hard walk for at least half an hour twice a day, and it means leaving her options like frozen food stuffed Kongs to keep her mind occupied whenever she is on her own. It also means dog training, so that you learn how to control her. The “mouthing” that you describe does sound like… Read more »