I took my 3 year old cat Lily to the vet today for a yearly…

I took my 3 year old cat Lily to the vet today for a yearly checkup/shots and was told that she had a heart murmur and that I was being referred to a cardiologist. The cardiology specialist just called and quoted the tests at $600-$900. Lily is an extremely healthy cat who has never had any other issues besides a URI as a kitten. I’m reading online that the heart murmur could have simply been her being stressed at her appointment. Is it worth it to go through with these tests at the risk that it could be something more serious?

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Krista Magnifico
3 years ago

Hello, What a great question! I think that my “common sense” approach to the real life cases that I see are usually followed like this; If I hear a murmur on the first exam I make a note in the medical record as to intensity and character and discuss the findings with my client. I then schedule a recheck. Sometimes in a few weeks, others in a few months. I also discuss bloodwork, diet and X-ray to check heart size. I also always mention a cardiac referral. It is the best way to accurately diagnose the condition. In most cases… Read more »