Hi. Today I adopted a 2 Year old yorkie, Avery. He was neutered and got…

Hi. Today I adopted a 2 Year old yorkie, Avery. He was neutered and got his stitches out last week. He was good the entire time we had him. He chose me first, didn’t bite, listened to directions, etc. We were home for at least three hours and he has been a good boy. However, when I came into my parents bedroom with the dog, he started nipping me, a lot of times and hard. He didn’t bite my parents. I even tried again and he nipped again. I gave him a chew toy, but I am worried that he is suddenly nipping hard at me and why he isn’t nipping my mom or dad. I believe it is maybe because he was nurtured a couple weeks ago and I may get my period in a couple days (sorry for the tmi 🙁 ) so maybe he smelled female. Or maybe he was in pain and I was the closest to him, but he bit just me twice. He was licking his boy things where he got his stitches out last week. But my mom is a female too, and I don’t have my period yet even if it might come in just a few days: again sorry for the tmi, I just want to give accurate info. Do you know what I can do to stop this, what I can do to limit pain when working with him, and why he may be suddenly doing this and can it be stopped? I have waited years to get a dog at the right moment, and I will be patient with him, however I am a little scared now because it hurt. I really hope you can help me so I can enjoy time with my dog. Thanks !

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1 year ago

Good morning. Laura is giving excellent advice. You can find information on the two week shut down online.
I’m hoping that I copied and pasted correctly. It really is a very good plan and helps immensely.

1 year ago

Something to keep in mind: you JUST brought him home. You know nothing about his personality at all. I would do a 2 week shutdown to give him time to adjust – he is STRESSED and reacting the way I would expect a very stressed small dog to behave.

While you’re letting him calm down and settle a little, start looking for obedience trainers. This, plus a visit to YOUR vet in the next 2 days, should be your top priority.