Is it time? My dog is 17 years old and she’s been more wobbly lately…

Is it time? My dog is 17 years old and she’s been more wobbly lately and struggling more to walk on her back paws. She walks very slowly and she doesn’t feel like going outside anymore. I have to carry her outside. She smells really, really bad now lately and it’s not just a “she needs a bath” smell. It’s far worse. She sleeps 90% of the time and lies down all the time. She’s still eating and drinking but I still worry about her. She has something black on the back of her legs and tail and it almost looks like poop. Whenever she comes in from peeing, she leaves a brown spot when she gets up and I think it’s because whatever is on the back of her legs and tail is dripping down from the pee. When she lies down, she’ll lie there for hours at a time and will usually only get up to lay in a different spot. When we took her to the vet several months ago they said the only problem with her was she had a heart murmur. Is she going to be okay or is it time to let her go?

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julie brader
5 years ago

Its very hard for us when our dogs get old.

Firstly why don’t you wash whatever the black stuff is off her legs and tail? 

No one can make the decision to euthanise but you. Please consider her quality of life and don’t euthanise because she has become a burden to you. She has given you 17 years of unconditional love and loyalty. 

My advice would be to talk it through with your Vet. 

julie brader
5 years ago

Good luck at the Vet gping to be a.difficult.visit for you. My.thoughts are with you.