I saw a list of cat and dog behaviors, but they left out this: I’ve…

I saw a list of cat and dog behaviors, but they left out this: I’ve had cats and small dogs eat dry food then immediately throw it up. My male cats did it a lot. Sometimes one of the others (3 of them) would eat it. They all had the same food. My small dog sometimes throws up right after eating dry food, but does not want anybody eating it or cleaning it up. Sometimes eats it again. Also, what makes small dogs wheeze through their noses–regular and short snouts.

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2 years ago

Wheezing in short snouts could be simple exercise – brachycephalic dogs are prone to breathing problems. Wheezing in normal snouts could be allergy, infection, polyp, etc. In either case, a vet visit is your best bet.

Krista Magnifico
2 years ago

I have seen this frequently in my many years of being a vet. Some animals eat so quickly their stomach can’t expand fast enough amwhixh causes them to vomit. I tell my clients it’s heir stomach thinking better than their enthusiastic appetite. But, I’m not sure there is a question here. So please clarify if you have one for us to answer.