Good morning,

I have a female dog, 7 month old Newfoundland, who has been treated twice-in-a-row…

Good morning,

I have a female dog, 7 month old Newfoundland, who has been treated twice-in-a-row for UTI. First course was a 10-day antibiotic, then about 5 days later she was on a 14-day antibiotics. While on medication she is fine, no symptoms. Both times they did a urinalysis to determine UTI. now, it has been around 3 days off her meds from the last UTI, and she is getting the symptoms again.. getting up at night to go pee, and then peeing and peeing and peeing, but I can’t actually see any pee coming out of her. It’s night right now though. She probably pee’d some, I’m not sure. I don’t think its blocked by stones.

Can A UTI develop so quickly after being on antibiotics?

Also.. we think she may have a recessed vulva, vet wouldn’t diagnose with it though, thinking she was just swollen or something. But I don’t get how she would have symptoms so quickly of a UTI.. this is like a repeat of last time and I feel like she will be on antibiotics her whole life.

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Jana Rade
5 years ago

Jay, with a UTI that keeps coming back like this, there is something else going on. Did your vet at any point do a culture and sensitivity (response to antibiotics) test? Quite often, with repeat UTI you could be looking at a resistant strain so it’s always a good idea to check exactly which bacteria is involved and whether it is responsive to antibiotics and which ones. Jasmine had UTI only once in her life and the second time around she had a resistant strain. Every time a UTI keeps coming back, it is important to look closer at what… Read more »

Jana Rade
5 years ago

Stones? I’d likely want to check for those if it happens again.