I think my cat has an abscess. She’s had a bump on her side for…

I think my cat has an abscess. She’s had a bump on her side for a few weeks with some scabs.
Came home today and saw one was open with fresh blood. Placed her in my lap and took a look at it closely. It started to ooze puss and blood. Then 2 more wounds opened up. So now she has 3 open deep purple wounds. Not sure what to do. But cleaned with hydrogen peroxide and cover it with some corona and a non adhesive pad wrapped with coban.
Anybody know what I should do from here?
I read that she probably needs to be seen and get it drained and have drain tubes placed and put under anesthesia… I don’t have much money.. at all.. help me. ☹️

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Krista Magnifico
3 years ago

I think the best place to start is the vets office. Make sure your cat is up to date on their rabies vaccine and ask for the area to be clipped and cleaned. I also think antibiotics might be helpful. If you can’t afford surgery (and honestly I almost never do it first thing, I wait for the antibiotics to tell me they need more help). I also never use hydrogen peroxide. There are much better options available. I hope this helps.

3 years ago

Just to add to Dr. Magnifico’s response…. you’re vet can provide you with a better solution to keep the wound clean, than peroxide. And if they shave the area for you, you are better able to monitor it for sure. Good luck.