Zoey Rat Terrier 7 1/2 months old. 3 months having pain. Had leash incident, thought…

Zoey Rat Terrier 7 1/2 months old. 3 months having pain. Had leash incident, thought she cut of oxygen pulling going after a another dog.. Saw 3 different vets, had different dianoses sore neck pain meds, blocked analysis gland. A week ago playing with other rat terrier heard crying came in Zoey is paralyzed back legs behind her. Race back to vet. Xray shows dark spot in neck and middle of back. Refer to Nureologist suggestions mri and surgery..Zoey is quite active. Will throw herself on top of other dog while running..lots of jumping playful behavior more active than any other puppy we have raised..asked for other suggestions on managed care. Total paralysis had shown improvementioned by that evening seeing nureologist..Was given seditive, pain meds and cratEd except for 5 minute potty breaks on a harness. Return if total paralysis returns. Zoey at day 7 walking wagging tail, much more stable. Was told rehab in crate 6 weeks. Concerns: Moving foward. any therapy to help. Suggestions to prevent reoccurring. Is surgery in our future..

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Krista Magnifico
2 years ago

Hello, I’m sorry to hear about all of zoeys challenges. The best answers are going to be found in the skilled hands of your vet and neurologist. They know Zoey best. I hope they will give her and you the time and advice to help her continue to improve. I suggest you keep reaching out to them for guidance. Therapy to help should include physical therapy and emotional and mental stimulation as she heals. Let her be outiside with oversight and guidance and let her slowly regain her strength and muscle mass. I hope this helps. I have lots and… Read more »