Can u tell me the exact breed of my dog??

Can u tell me the exact breed of my dog??

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Kelly Furgason
5 years ago

Definitely hard to say but fun to guess. As the other poster said you could always do DNA testing. 

I would guess your pup has shepherd somewhere in its background due to its facial mask but other than that who knows. Enjoy your mutt! I think they make the best pets 🙂


Kaz Kallin
5 years ago

Short answer,  no. Also, do you need to know for any specific reason?  Long answer would be that there is DNA testing available, at least in the USA and Europe.  I personally am skeptical of its validity and honestly the real usefulness of it. 3 years ago my Cocker Spaniel was a test subject for a DNA test, since she is purebred, and the results came back as a mix of neopolitan mastiff and basset hound. Mutts or mixes are often the healthiest dogs, so consider yourself lucky to have a mutt!