How can u tell if your cat has worms ,but u don’t see anything…

How can u tell if your cat has worms ,but u don’t see anything in her box

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Adam Wysocki
6 years ago

Hi, Without directly observing worms in the litter box, physical indicators may include an unhealthy coat, pale gums, lethargy, and reduced appetite. You may even see symptoms like bloody stool, diarrhea, vomiting, appearance of a bloated belly, or licking and rubbing the anal area across the floor.  Not all worms are visible to the naked eye and a cat can have worms long before physical symptoms appear so if you’re concerned about worms, it’s really best to take your cat with a stool sample to your veterinarian. Even if your cat doesn’t have worms your veterinarian can provide you with a… Read more »