Teddy, male castrated DSH, almost 10 years old. We are in the UK. Teddy was…

Teddy, male castrated DSH, almost 10 years old. We are in the UK. Teddy was hand reared from a week old. He has always presented with loose stools &/or diarrhoea which no one has even been able to attribute a specific cause to. Over the years, we have tried antibiotics including metronidazole, probiotics, prednisolone, drontal & panacur (as part of a worming programme), prescription diets, a raw diet, B12 injections, peridale granules & pancreatic enzymes. The only things which seemed to have some success were the metronizadole & the raw diet. All this time despite having a sore rectum & greasy coat, Teddy has never really acted sick until this week, when he went from having a good appetite to not wanting to eat & hiding. Teddy was very dehydrated. He was placed on iv fluids, had a convenia & B12 injection, had panacur & a gastro-protectant. Teddy has been hospitalised for 5 days. He is still on a drip. They have ruled out FIV & FelV, doesn’t have kidney or liver damage, WBC is very high, does not have a fever, isn’t anaemic. Taken a stool sample. The diarrhoea has stopped but is barely eating & having to be syringe fed. Teddy as Today they said Teddy appears to want to eat but is struggling to do so but doesn’t have any dental issues. They mentioned possibly pancreatitis as a cause for Teddy’s symptoms but can’t rule out parasites or an infection at this stage. Teddy has always been a small cat but he is now just 2.2kg. I asked the vet about a feeding tube but they said no as it would require an anaesthetic & Teddy isn’t well enough for that. The crux of this is that if Teddy doesn’t get adequate nutrition into him, he is going to die. How can I persuade my vet to change their mind?

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Krista Magnifico
Krista Magnifico(@kristamagnifico)
3 years ago

Hello, I’m so Sorry to hear about Teddy’s troubles. I think a few things might help. 1. Ask for a referral to an internal medicine specialist or a feline specialist. 2. Get an ultrasound. 3. You cannot and should not convince someone who isn’t and doesn’t want to be convinced. Just ask for a referral. 3. I agree with you on the feeding tube neccessittt while you try to figure out his issue. (My opinion and I am not there so please use the advice of your own vet… no one likes a back seat driver. Lol). I would also… Read more »