I have a very small tea-cup Yorkie that has a lot of energy and burns…

I have a very small tea-cup Yorkie that has a lot of energy and burns off anykind of fat he may have…Dr.s never said he was under weight. However, I’ve tried feeding him all and every kinds of dog food I can in cans. he will not eat any of them just some dry now and then. So, I had became wooried about him so I started hand feeding him of which is all fine. But, he will only eat pieces of chicken breats and ham and beef slices hand fed. Is there any other kind of food I can give him to help him gain anykind of fat????

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7 years ago

Hi Janet, They do have food for active dogs which may satisfy your dog’s needs. I have seen this offered at least by a few brands. Also, once you decide on a food for him, it might be most helpful to stick with it. I know you are only trying to make sure he gets the proper nutrition but a routine around food can be helpful for a dog. For example, put the food down at a designated breakfast or dinner time. Leave it there for 30- 40 minutes so he has a chance to eat. If he is not… Read more »