How can I teach my dog to bark? She is a 2 year old labrador…

How can I teach my dog to bark? She is a 2 year old labrador. The only time she ever barks is when she is in her outside pen and sees me drive home from work. That’s when she barks continually until she sees me come out of the house and walk towards her pen. Once she sees me head her way, she stops barking. I always bring her in the house with me when I’m home. When I let her out to pee, she does her business then comes back to the door and just sits there waiting to be let in. She doesn’t bark to let me know she’s back. I thought that because she can see inside because it’s a glass door, she just waits until someone sees her, so I tried waiting her out. I hid and waited. She just sat there staring inside. I’ve tried sitting the curtain. I’ve also tried just sitting on the sofa and ignoring her, hoping she’ll bark to get my attention. She just doesn’t bark. What can I do?

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Krista Magnifico
3 years ago

Hello, Training and behavior are almost impossible to treat effectively via online advice. There are so many little intricate messages that pets send and receive that it is impossible to provide the nuanced advice that you are looking for. In general I can provide some basic insight on average behavior but I can’t specify why and how in this case without knowing you, your dog and the environment a whole lot better. I think your first mistake and issue is that you leave her outside all day. She has learned that no matter much barking she does outside (which I’m… Read more »

3 years ago

I’d suggest being more mindful of what she’s doing. Be GRATEFUL she isn’t a barker – once they start, they don’t stop easily! That said, you could always invest in a doggy door that goes in the open slider (assuming this is a sliding door). This will allow her to come and go as she pleases when you’re home.’