I have a tb horse that is a “hard keeper we been feeding her 2…

I have a tb horse that is a “hard keeper we been feeding her 2 twice the hay we normally feed her and she would still have some left in her pen plus we give her 2 scoops of stable mix and weight gianer and corn oil she had her teeth done

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Kelly Furgason
5 years ago

Hi Brittany, I can sympathize, hard keepers can be very frustrating. Here is what I would recommend: What weight amount is “2 scoops”. Most of the time we feed in scoops when we really need to weigh how much is in your scoop, since all scoops vary in amount in pounds. Also different feeds can weigh different amounts, so if you change feeds, be sure to reweigh your measuring scoop. There are tons of different types of horse feed on the market, you may need to change the protein content of your feed so ask your vet about what one… Read more »