My cat was taken into the vet yesterday with what they said was a partial…

My cat was taken into the vet yesterday with what they said was a partial blockage. They said his urine presented with calcium crystals and there was particles (sludge) in the bladder. They told me to pay $1500 to catheter him and keep him for a few days but that almost leads to Re-blockage once the catheter is pulled so they recommend to put him to sleep. He is only 2 I was bawling so they offered to put in a catheter and inject saline and then flushed the bladder that way. He is home and went pee last night but now hasn’t gone pee for almost 24 hours . He is eating, taking his pills and drinking. Should I be worried what are the next steps ? I should mention that he didn’t drink or eat much yesterday. I am concerned it is almost 24 hours and he hasn’t gone pee. Could he be reblocked due to lack of fluids ?

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Krista Magnifico
3 years ago

Hello, I’m sorry to hear about your cat. Can you go to your regular veterinarian for help? I don’t know enough about your cat to offer much meaningful assistance. BUT, in general these cats benefit from fluid therapy (ideally, intravenously). BUT, it is first important to know whats going on and why it happened? In most cases cats this age have either a UTI or cystitis. Both benefit from fluids to flush out the bladder BUT they have to be able to pass urine AND NOT get blocked,,, which requires hospitalization and immediate unblocking. In my clinic we help people… Read more »

Krista Magnifico
3 years ago

It sounds like you have started on a good plan. I can’t answer what caused the crystals but diet, lifestyle and any meds should all be scrutinized. Keep a close eye on him and the litter box and find a vet that you trust who will help you from start to finish. Keep me posted and very best of luck.