My sweet 9 year old Australian Cattle Dog was spayed when she was about a…

My sweet 9 year old Australian Cattle Dog was spayed when she was about a year old, according to her adoption paperwork. However, she has always had a bit of a “heat cycle,” with some bleeding twice a year. The vet told us not to worry about it.

Now, all these years later, I have this suspicion that she has stump pyometra. However…she has no clear symptoms, only some lingering brown discharge and a slightly saggy belly, a few months after her pseudo-heat cycle. She just had her annual exam, and the vet said everything looked fine. She is eating (a little less than she used to), drinking (not excessively), playing (like a senior dog), eliminating (no diarrhea or increased urination or incontinence), happy, etc. BUT I still have this suspicion.

I am normally not an overly protective pet person. Our other beloved dog died in May, and I worry that my grief is impacting my decision-making skills. Should I subject my poor old girl to testing for stump pyometra even though she isn’t acting ill? I couldn’t bear to stress her out unnecessarily in her golden years…

Possible symptoms:
-Some weight loss over the past 6 months, but she was chubby before and also grieved the loss of her dog companion with a short hunger strike
-Slightly saggy belly, but no indication of pain when examined
-Reluctant to jump up onto the bed/couch (vet says this is normal for her age)
-Occasional brown discharge, very small amounts
-Occasional white drop of liquid seen on her vaginal area
-Sometimes looks directly at me and seems sad, like she needs something and can’t figure out how to tell me (or maybe she just wants a treat!)

Am I just being paranoid because I can’t bear the thought of losing another dog so soon? I love her and want to do the right thing. She is stoic, and I’m not sure she would let on if she was in pain. Thank you for your opinion. <3

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2 years ago

Good morning?
Have you discussed all of this with your vet? Have you laid out and listed all of your concerns, as you have here online? That would be my best advice, if you haven’t had this discussion already. I know that if I had a gut feeling, my vet would discuss my concerns in detail with me, and probably go further to get a second opinion from a colleague, to help calm my suspicions or worst case, confirm them. So that is where I would start-with your vet. They know your pet best. Good luck!