Any suggestions for safe toys for a pup? No squeakers, of course, as she…

Any suggestions for safe toys for a pup? No squeakers, of course, as she chews EVERYTHING! Lol. Thanks!

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Jackie Gutshall
5 years ago

We have a 9 month old chocolate lab and the only thing we have found that he hasn’t torn apart and are extremely durable are the Kong toys they have different sizes depending on your dog. So far we have been successful with them and you can stuff them with the peanut butter. Keeps our pup busy for hours. 

Jana Rade
5 years ago

No toy is really safe with a pup who chews everything unless supervised. Safest toys are eatable ones and some of the kong toys.

Depends on the dog too. Jasmine would chew things but not eat anything so rope toys etc were safe with her. But I always supervised. Even chew sticks can cause choking etc. Stuffed kong is about the only toy I dare to leave my dogs with unsupervised.

Kelly Furgason
5 years ago

Other ideas for chewing… Depending on the size of the dog,, freeze cut up carrots/apples into ice( empty plastic butter containers fill with water, add fruit/veg or event peanut butter) after frozen give to your pup and let them chew away… They will want to keep chewing to get to the treats frozen inside. There are also lots of heavy duty man made and natural bones on the market. Kong makes a fake bone that has stick treats that snap into place and the dogs chew to get out. Real sterilized hollow marrow bones are virtually indestructible and most dogs… Read more »

5 years ago

Elk antler chews are the best by Orvis. Don’t be shocked by the cost. I have a year old yellow lab. Bought this when she was 4 months old. Lasts for 6 months or more!! She loves it and has never chewed things in the house. The best!!