My cat is probably about 15. I adopted him 4 years ago & the shelter…

My cat is probably about 15. I adopted him 4 years ago & the shelter had said he was a stray. He has been an indoor only cat since I got him. He has lost most of his teeth & I think his vision is going.
I wouldn’t doubt he is in some amount of pain, but I do try to watch him & keep it to a minimum.
Recently my cat has decided he loves the bathtub. He drinks the water left around the drain or sometimes I’ll turn it on for him. I thought that was a little strange

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5 years ago

regarding want to go into the garage…i’m going to guess you have rodents.

5 years ago

Hi Christi,

I’d get your cat checked by a vet to see how the teeth and vision are doing. Esp if he may be in pain. Lots of cats like to drink from the faucet, but also craving a lot of water should be mentioned to your vet. If he wants to go in your garage,maybe he just likes to go there and explore. Unless you think he will get hurt, I’d let him. If anything is sudden and different with your cat, a trip to the vet is in order to find out why.

Is your cat neutered?