I just got an 8 week old staffy and I know puppy’s teeth but he…

I just got an 8 week old staffy and I know puppy’s teeth but he bites me non stop, basically you can’t give him affection at all because of it, I don’t belive physical reprimanding is correct as it could further the behavior into agression, I’ve tried the “yelp” method and he doesn’t even take notice and carries on biting, would the best thing to is take him for socializing so that he can learn bite inhibition?

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5 years ago

training is your best friend here, as is consistency.  he’s a baby, he has no idea what you want, yet. keep up the yelp method, and remove yourself from play.  he’s biting you because you’re the BEST TOY EVER, you know?  so you need to tell him, in his language, that this is wrong.  you should only need to remove yourself for a few minutes for him to start to understand. i really, really like puppy kindergarten classes.  i’d look for one in your area that requires puppies to have age-appropriate vaccinations.  socialization is a GREAT thing, but due to… Read more »

andrea Lee Roundfield
5 years ago

Chewy toys …the kind that you can freeze