How do I stop her doing this at night ?

How do I stop her doing this at night ?

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Shiria Seelenlicht
5 years ago

Hello, Hanging like this and the bar chewing are most of the time signs of boredom. Hamsters are active during night, so it is normal for them to seek attention and activity during that time. If possible place him somewhere else, where you don’t sleep. A way to stop the bar chewing is to give him enough space and something to do. Here they say a normal hamster (Gold Hamster i.e.) needs at least a cage he size of 50cmx100cm (widthxlenght) and a height of 60cm – and this only if they are alloewd to run free for some hours.… Read more »

5 years ago

based on other posts, i think she’s talking about the hanging and the bar chewing.

5 years ago

Welcome to the world of rodents. They will all do this as they are really super active! You’ve go some great advice from Shiria…so try that…also add lots of chew products..i see some tubes in there…try adding wood sticks or wood chunks–you can get these at petstore or your own property if you know it’s a safe and unsprayed wood. Also, give your hamster some time in a hamster “globe” ,,it’s like a hard ball you can put your hamster inside, and close up (it has air holes), and they can roll around out of the cage, but safe from… Read more »