If you have someone stay over 2 nights to pet sit, what do you feel…

If you have someone stay over 2 nights to pet sit, what do you feel is a standard payment? She is a college pal, still in school and from the area.

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PK Dennis
5 years ago

I pay a professional $30 to $45 per night to stay in my home overnight.  I have paid a college age niece $20 per night, but she did not walk the dogs (they have a fenced yard).  She also had no training in pet emergencies, she was instructed to call my parents (just down the hill 300 feet) should an emergency occur.

Adam Wysocki
5 years ago

I’ve seen prices as low as $23 to as high as $45 per day for in home pet sitters. I think it depends on how much your friend will be doing with your pets (walks, play time, treats, etc), if your pets have any special needs (daily medical care, special diet prep etc), and the level of experience your friend has as a pet sitter.  If it’s just a friend spending the night that and they’re going to feed your pets and take them out for walks or scoop litter boxes, that’s way different than a friend who has experience… Read more »