I have withdrawn food as this is day three. Change her water every hour. have…

I have withdrawn food as this is day three. Change her water every hour. have checked her for fleas and ticks…..Don’y know what else to do!

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5 years ago

three days = vet visit in my house.  please get her in today.

julie brader
5 years ago

Your welcome! Aa long as you are certain shes ok in herself; shes not eaten something like a bone thats got stuck. If she does deteriorate in any way then Vet immediately. I’ve had my dogs with upset stomachs like this usually when they’ve eaten something disgusting and rotten lol Please let me know how she is…and don’t take any chances will you ?

julie brader
5 years ago

Hi John, sorry to hear you are having problems with your Staffie.  There could be several reasons she has an upset stomach like this.  The first thing that comes to mind is does she scavenge? Has she eaten something putrid? Could she have eaten a chicken bone or something that’s got stuck? Have you changed her diet at all recently? Anything different to eat that could have upset her? If this has been going on for 3 days there is very obviously a problem. If shes not keeping water down she will become very dehydrated which is dangerous so keep… Read more »

julie brader
5 years ago

Krista….please don’t feel any need to apologise. You are the Vet here not me, and I must admit I did miss the “been sluggish” comment.

I did say to John if she deteriorates in any way or starts to become dehydrated then Vet immediately. 

I think hes still been feeding her a normal diet throughout the vomiting and I know from experience this can just make it worse. 

Hope John sees your reply and acts on it. ?