My Staffordshire terrier seems to have a rash of some sort and also dry flakey…

My Staffordshire terrier seems to have a rash of some sort and also dry flakey skin. The rash seems to be short stretch of small red bumps. Any Ideas on what this could be and how to treat?

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Diedra Cardamone
5 years ago

Hi Sarah. There are many possibilities for a rash and/or flakey skin. Outdoor allergies, change in food or laundry detergent, etc. Your veterinarian can take a skin scrape and analyze it under a microscope. I would schedule an appointment with your vet to look into all the possible causes. I hope your pet feels better soon!

Adam Wysocki
5 years ago

This is total speculation but something that I think about whenever I hear “dog rashes” mentioned … sometimes after a long time on one type of food, a dog can suddenly develop food allergies that can cause a rash … I’ve dealt with this with several rescue dogs. If it was my dog, I would consult my vet and ask about their thoughts on possible food allergies and any other possible causes.

Kelly Furgason
5 years ago

Hi Sarah,
It could be a variety of things, ranging from skin allergies , to reaction from bugs, fleas ,etc…It’s best to take your dog to the vet for a diagnosis and proper medications or treatments.
Good luck!!

Emilie Hamilton
5 years ago

I have the same problem with my dog near where he was castrated he gets a lot of rashes and is constantly itching! I’m taking my dog into vets it could just be bites or heat rash but a vet check is always best!!