Why does my springer bark incessantly at my son, he spends most evenings up stairs…

Why does my springer bark incessantly at my son, he spends most evenings up stairs in his room but when he comes down stairs to prepare for work she barks at him, when we are not in the house she ignores when he comes down stairs

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Tonya Wilhelm
5 years ago

Hello.  I am so sorry you are having this issue.  I know how stressful this situation can be.  This can be caused by a lot of reasons.  Is your dog a bit on the nervous side?  If your son does not have a good relationship with your dog, this might be part of the reasoning.  Provide your son with some high value treats such as 100% dehydrated meat treats, and when he comes down stairs, ask him just to toss treats around, not look at her, not talk to her.  Try this for a week and see where you get.… Read more »

PK Dennis
5 years ago

This is a guarding issue.  She is letting you all know that someone that she considers dangerous is moving around in ‘your’ part of the house.  When you are not at home, she does not have to guard you — so no barking at him.  I had a Cairn Terrier with this type of issue.  I was the resource he guarded from everyone — even my husband!  My husband was not allowed to leave a room and come back in without the dog growling at him – when I was in the room.  However when I was out of the… Read more »

Sue Bona
5 years ago

Has your son always lived with you or did he move out and then come back?