I adopted a rescue dog a few months ago with a history of abuse/neglect. …

I adopted a rescue dog a few months ago with a history of abuse/neglect. I still can’t get him near the door of the house so he lives in an outside kennel and has a dog box. For example, last weekend I sat down and threw treats his way to get him closer to me but he got halfway to the house and ran back to the kennel. He won’t tolerate a leash and just lays on the ground. The next problem would be house training due to the leash phobia and not wanting to go into the house. This Newfoundland/Boxer mix is the sweetest dog I have ever owned and I want him to be happy and healthy in our home!

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Jana Rade
5 years ago

Hi Shawn, so great you gave this guy a home. Unfortunately, you cannot really speed the process up. The more you try to rush him, the more counterproductive your efforts will be. It has to happen in his pace. Please check out A Guide to Living with & Training a Fearful Dog http://dawgbusiness.blogspot.ca/2011/10/book-review-guide-to-living-with.html  and/or Fearful Dogs FB group https://www.facebook.com/fearfuldogs Getting a fearful dog over their fear(s) is a painstaking (but highly rewarding) work. It takes patience and consistency. If you have any BAT trainers in your area, you could bring them in to help you out. In the meantime, you… Read more »

Micha Michlewicz
5 years ago

Jana gives good advice, however, I additionally recommend investing in a professional’s help to see if you can make more headway. 

I typically recommend professionals ONLY from one of the following directories as they practice using humane behavior modification based on up to date science.

This will be your most expensive but possibly most helpful option: 

Or typically less expensive but still helpful and most can also subscribe medications (psychotrophics):


Still expensive usually, and very helpful, but most not able to subscribe medications:

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