Sorry for the long winded question but I have recently moved and now live above…

Sorry for the long winded question but I have recently moved and now live above a pub with my husband who runs the pub and our cat Poppy who is 10 years old.
The flat is quite a strange lay out, at one end of a corridor is part one of our accommodation behind a locked door which is 2 bedrooms and our bathroom, at the other end behind another locked door is our living room and kitchen – the corridor that connects the two areas has staff room and office etc.
Our cat is perfectly happy in the bedroom area where she spends most of the day, however I sometimes work from home in the living room area and when i’m home I try to bring her during in here during the day but she does the loud deep cry they do when they aren’t happy and its so upsetting to hear. I don’t want her to be alone all day and only see us before bed but I also don’t want her to be distressed – will she get used to the living area over time or will she keep being distressed by it?
I was thinking of always having dreamies and treats in the living space so she starts to associate it with good food rather than her usual dry stuff.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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Hi there? I think that it is great that you want to be with your cat…. but sometimes they just don’t want what we want. Maybe she is just more content to be in the other area of the apartment? You could try to entice her to enjoy the living space more, but if she still doesn’t really want to be there, I would just let her be happy in the bedroom areas. Maybe set one space up just for her with a cat tree and fun things for her, etc.???