Soliciting some suggestions to avoid anymore crazy vet meds or bills. We have a 10…

Soliciting some suggestions to avoid anymore crazy vet meds or bills. We have a 10 year old Husky mix. He has arthritis setting in and the cold has been taking a toll on him. I still can’t get him to come inside though- crazy husky wants to be out all day in the snow and cold. Hind legs locked up on him today and I had to carry him from shed to house while we were playing. He’s been a little tempermental in the evenings too (growling if our son lays on him or just moody about his space)- which is totally out of character. I know its b/c his legs are hurting him once he stops moving for the day. I’ve tried fish oil supplements, but don’t seem to be helping…any other home treatments anyone has tried and found to work?

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Ralph Leasure
6 years ago


We have had good results treating these dogs with an injection of Micromatrix with saline. Of course, you’ll need to have a Veterinarian do this for you. The dog will be sore for a number of days, then gradually improve and the effect should last for 6 months or longer without other drugs. / Orthopedics / OA
Jana Rade
6 years ago

Hi Sherry, unfortunately, from what you’re describing, you have two options– avoiding vet meds/bills– avoiding your dog’s pain Vet bills aren’t as enormous as you might thing and he does need some serious help beyond mere supplements. There are some substances which might help, such as curcumin, but I’d want to have him checked out thoroughly, find out whether it is arthritis or something else is going on as well etc. Then you can figure out what course of treatment would be best. There are some holistic and more natural ways of treating it or there are NSAIDs. Even if… Read more »

Kelly Furgason
6 years ago

Cosequin for dogs is also often beneficial.

If he’s an outside dog, I would recommend using some straw or bedding in his shelter to help keep in some warmth. Often arthritis becomes worse in cold weather so that may help as well.