My small dog (about 22lbs) was hit by a car and broke his femur bone…

My small dog (about 22lbs) was hit by a car and broke his femur bone. He had surgery Wed. Dec. 5. I brought him home and kept him quiet like the vet advised. Only walking him to go potty. He began swelling above the incistion where the pin was put in. I took him back to the vet and she told me he was over active. So I have been carrying him up and down the stairs when I take him to go potty and even carrying him back into the house after he pottys. He has really not done anything but lay around the house and maybe walks a little from room to room. Now the swelling looks like it is getting bigger. Any thoughts or suggestions would be really helpful.

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Krista Magnifico
2 years ago

Call the vet back. Explain your concerns and stand your ground if you think it is more than activity causing the swelling. If you are worried beyond their second exam ask for a referral. It is your pups healing on the line and your vets job to listen and assist you. Best of luck

2 years ago

I agree- try to get in ASAP and let them know your thoughts. Ask to have them look at the incision again. See if there is a better course of meds that your dog should be taking. Good luck!!