Hi, i have a question on whether my puppy was sick . He is 7…

Hi, i have a question on whether my puppy was sick . He is 7 weeks old and a couple a days ago my puppy was vomiting, yesterday he was acting very sluggish not responding to us at all but this morning he had diarrhea which he also had a couple of days ago but today he has been so energetic and happy. I just wanted to know if i should be really worried and he also doesn’t have any vaccinations since i just recently got him and haven’t found a vet to take him to.

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5 years ago

24 hours is too long to wait for a sick puppy with vomiting and diarrhea to recover, particularly one that is too young to have left his littermates and breeder.  go to your vet NOW.  if you haven’t found one, go on google and search for one.

julie brader
5 years ago

Hi all puppies should be checked over by a Vet as soon as you can after taking them home. You really need to find a Vet for him quickly especially under the circumstances of him being ill….it could be anything from diet to Parvovirus. Please take him to a Vet urgently thats what I would do if he were mine. Good luck ?