Herniated Disc or strok in spine??? I have a now 4 year old siberian husky…

Herniated Disc or strok in spine??? I have a now 4 year old siberian husky his bday was January 31, super hyper, loves to play fetch, follows me everywhere. On January 25th 2019 I let him run outside like normal, he came back in and was still running around, a little after one of his back paw were bent and had a little limp. I looked over him and his paw and didn’t see any cuts or anything, when I went to grab it he let out a little grawl. Maybe a couple minutes later both legs gave out. I took him to the vet next day they advised he could have had a stroke in his spine or herniated his disc and the only way to know for sure is to do a MRI. Which in Atlanta they start off at 2k. The treatment plan I received was about 8k-9k. They advised trying pain management since I couldn’t afford the other option. He was sent home with three different meds. Gabapentin 300mg, Prednisone 20mg and methocarbamol(robaxin) 500mg he has been confined to his cage until its potty time. He Defecates on his own and pees on his own but I do assist with getting all of the urine. Today would make two weeks since this happened and he is making little improvements, I see his legs are trying to move, they still react when I pinch his paws or tap on his knees, he trys to stand and his legs start to do like a little crawl. I tried speaking to multiple vets and they are wanting to talk to me about his quality of life . Which as you can imagine that is disheartening to hear. Outside of his back legs shadow is still tryna be shadow still trys to jump when he sees a tennis ball and his back legs jerk as well, when he changes positions it takes him a little I can see his back legs trying to move with him, he will stand about halfway on one of his back legs, i also do some PT with him as well. I watch hank videos and it gives me hope that with tlc and patience shadow will get better in time. I need advice on pain management without going to a vet since I can’t find one who has hope. You advised about getting some medicine from Wal-Mart but im not sure on which ones to get. Any advice on what to do throughout this journey to help shadow get to as close as 100% as possible would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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Krista Magnifico
3 years ago

Hello, I am sorry to hear about your pup. I think that a few things bear being repeated. First and foremost if you think your dog is managing the recovery process ok and not suffering then every other person should respect that. Second, I think that too many vets use QOL as an easy out and a knee jerk answer to give up too soon. If I have a patient and a client who are managing the care they need and the patient is faring well I keep helping. I am not afraid to offer advice and even opinion but… Read more »