My 10 year old Siamese has been acting weird for awhile now. She had lost…

My 10 year old Siamese has been acting weird for awhile now. She had lost some weight earlier this year because her teeth/gums were hurting and she wasn’t eating. We got her teeth cleaned and she gained the weight back but then she started losing weight again not too long ago. I tried changing foods several times (it’s hard to find a food that all 3 of my cats will eat). Now she has a good appetite and has gained back some of the weight she lost the 2nd time. She has also developed an obsession with drinking from the bathtub faucet instead of their water bowl, even though we give them fresh water daily. She does drink from the bowl but only immediately after we’ve put fresh water in it and when we don’t let her into our bathroom. Also, she has become more needy and will lay on my lap and curled tight up against me when she didn’t used to do this before. It kind of seems that she breathes a little irregularly when she first lays down and then after she’s finally able to relax her breathing regulates. My vet thinks she is perfectly healthy but these are some drastic changes to her behavior and since I had 2 other cats die already this year I’m very concerned. Please help!

Update: she had a blood test and has been diagnosed with kidney disease ☹️

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Krista Magnifico
2 years ago

It sounds like it is time for some diagnostics (I’m assuming you haven’t done them as they aren’t listed.). I would start with a CBC, chem panel (complete), urinalysis, fecal and thyroid (T4, and/or Free T4 and TSH are my usual). I also think checking a blood pressure is a good idea. I would also discuss radiographs and an ultrasound. Until you know what you are treating you are guessing and likely to guess incorrectly. Let me know what the vet says.

2 years ago

Sudden weight loss would absolutely mean diagnostics, like Dr M recommended. When my queen dropped a bunch of weight it was due to an overactive thyroid, which is exceptionally common. If your vet won’t do diagnostics, find another one.